Fifty-Fifty Titanium Earrings


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Triangles are sure to catch your eye! Not only will the long rectangular shape work to slim the face it will add a touch of dimension to your overall look. The upward moving triangle is representative of aspiration, uprising motion, and fire. The downward face triangle is a symbol of water and one of the most ancient symbols of goddess energy. When combining both of these geometric shapes you are getting the perfect balance of ying and yang energy. These earrings are handcrafted and feature ASTM 136 Titanium clasps to create comfort! You will never find these one of a kind, handcrafted earrings anywhere else! Rock on with these masterpieces!

Product information:

  • Sold as a set (2pc)
  • Size: 18 Gauge
  • Dimensions: 105mm X 20mm
  • Weight: 15 grams
  • ASTM f-136 titanium wire
  • Casted in brass
  • Handcrafted