Why Earrings Will Make the Perfect Gift for Your Girlfriend

Do you have a girlfriend? Is a special occasion coming up and you have no idea what to get her but you know she will kill you if you don’t get her something? Well how about earrings?

If your girlfriend has pierced ears, earrings are a gift she is sure to love. They are fashionable and meaningful, and she will appreciate the fact that you gave her something to complement her appearance.

But now that that’s settled, there may be another thought that grips you with fear. What if you get her earrings and she hates them?? Well don’t stress. Here are some things to think about that will help you find the perfect pair.

What Type of Person is Your Girlfriend?

Is your girlfriend an extrovert or an introvert? Does she like to be flashy or is she more understated? Does she like to wear the latest fashions, or does she prefer to stick with the classics?

If your girlfriend is introverted or if she prefers to stick to classic fashions, you may want to get her a simple but elegant pair of post earrings, say something with a precious gem.

If your girlfriend is more outgoing, try a style that will stand out like a dangling piece that features an unusual shape or stone.

Look at the Earrings She Wears

If you are still at a loss, look at the earrings your girlfriend wears on a regular basis. Does she wear dangling earrings, or does she wear posts? Does she prefer to wear precious metals and gems, or does she wear custom jewelry more often?

If your girlfriend wears earring made of precious metals, it could mean that she has sensitive ears that are easily irritated by cheaper metals. If you think your girlfriend may have sensitive ears or you are not sure if she does or not, you are best off buying earrings made of real metals or ones that are labeled as hypoallergenic.

What Does She Like to Do?

Does your girlfriend go out a lot? Or does she prefer to stay home?

If your girlfriend works a 9-5 and she also has an active social life, chances are she will need conservative earrings for work as well as glamourous earrings for going out. If she just likes to stay in after work for quiet evenings, an understated look will be best all around. If she likes to party all the time, then by all means, go all out!

If you and your girlfriend are celebrating a special event together, don’t disappoint her by getting her a subpar gift. Instead, get her a pair of earrings you know she’s going to love. What pair do you think will work best for your significant other?

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