Finding Confidence with Earrings

Finding Confidence with Earrings

At what point did we start to lose our individuality and become another face in a crowd? Rather than destroying your identity, it is time to define it. Too often we forget that our self-expression can be the most empowering and beautiful representation of ourselves. Everyone has a different form of self-expression and how they chose to express themselves, whether that is done by style or piercings. By wearing jewelry that is inspired by sacred geometry and natural stones and crystals you are learning how to love yourself and manifesting good-vibes and confidence.

Natural stone’s and crystals are one of the earths wonders!

These beautiful crystals have been used in jewelry for centuries. This is an incredible way to harness the healing power of the earth. The vibrations of stones and crystals enter your energetic field and work with your energy to manifest your intentions into fruition. Lacking confidence? Or, maybe, you are having difficulty calming your mind or feeling comfortable in your own skin. These are all energies that are addressed when putting in a gorgeous pair of Amethyst earrings. Not only are you getting the beautiful Amethyst energy, but you are getting the sacred shape that they have been crafted into.

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“Everything in life is vibration” This quote was stated by Albert Einstein. Our thoughts and the way that we view ourselves have a way of creating our reality. When tapping into the vibration of Amethyst, or any other crystal for that matter, you are amplifying and bringing out the positive vibrations within you. The more you believe in yourself and your own personal power, the more happiness you will manifest. When we are in a state of happiness, we start to feel more grounded and comfortable in our own skin.

Earrings are an incredible tool to help us fuel our inner beauty by fueling our outer beauty.

When you put in a pair of bold geometric earrings, there is no way that you will feel anything less than beautiful. Despite all of the conflicts in life, you walk out of the house feeling like you can conquer the world with a good pair of earrings. It doesn’t matter if you are looking to make a statement or sticking to something smaller, earrings can change your day. You are changing your vibration and your appearance. A gorgeous pair of earrings can change your entire face! It’s one of those items that makes you feel more attractive with minimal effort. Finding the right pair of earrings is the key to your self-expression and feeling confident in your own identity.

Women's Organic Earrings

In the modern world your appearance is a reflection of your personality. Think about it, clothing and make-up isn’t the only thing that makes you feel more attractive. Slipping in a new pair of earrings with some killer stones is going to elevate your look. Finding the perfect pair of earrings is like finding the perfect little black dress to wear on a Friday night. You will be unstoppable.

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