Speaker programs are complicated and with thousands of programs being run daily, there are plenty of opportunities for things to go wrong. How do you ensure content compliance and still allow your speakers the flexibility to create engaging presentations? How do you streamline the planning process for your sales force who are not professional event managers? How do you ensure budgets are kept and all reportable expenses are tracked?


Podium is an all-in-one solution the gives you the control and compliance necessary to conduct effective speaker programs. Enable your sales team to efficiently and effectively plan programs. Allow your speakers to craft their message for your product under your guidance. Empower your operations team to ensure compliant programs are being run and financial reporting is made easy.

Plan & Schedule Programs

Easily request and approve all details about your programs using the web or our mobile app.

Speaker Training & Presentation

Track speaker training and certification progress before a program. Provides the ability for speakers to create customized, compliant decks for presenting.

Attendee Engagement

Conduct successful meetings by engaging attendees with novel and memorable activities like virtual rewards and leaderboards that spark interaction.

Budgets, Speaker
Caps & Financials

Create and manage budgets from product level down to individual rep, detailed expense tracking and speaker honoraria caps.

Reporting & Analytics

Satisfies Sunshine Act reporting requirements and custom analytics for program performance.

Compliant Presentations

Create rules that define what can and cannot be customized in presentations. Define those rules through a clear web interface, with role-based rights and privileges. Stay compliant by working with a team of presentation experts.