Regions matter: The way we work is affected by region in which we live, work walk and talk. Today many organizations struggle with delivering consistent learning strategy, and simply don’t have the proper tools and resources to support the real-time shifts in regional business strategy. Without the proper tools, it’s a challenge to deliver employees relevant messaging, learning materials, as well as access to the thoughts leaders in their region.


Apogy is your home HQ. Our mobile and web-based platform ensures a consistent learning experience regardless of location, time and region. Apogy efficiently manages, organizes and tracks everything your employees need to ensure a successful learning experience – from onboarding on route throughout their tenure. Easily provide access to training staff and subject matter experts when your team needs them the most. With Apogy sales teams can easily complete certifications, track and accomplish more wherever they are and at anytime. That way they can focus their time on what really matters: Customers.

Multiple Languages

Fully translated into multiple languages including eastern languages, Apogy is capable of delivering your content to any region and country in its native tongue, including the user interface, content, training materials, calendar, surveys, evaluations, questionnaires, and everything else.

Virtual Meetings

Why be limited by geography? Meet with instructors or attend a virtual class using Apogy’s live virtual classroom. Apogy’s virtual classrooms allow small groups of learners and trainers to engage in a conference with support for peer-to-peer audio, video, and shared content streaming. Students can share videos with their coach to help refine their pitch or complete an assessment.

Gauge Comprehension

Gauge comprehension using the built in evaluation tools like surveys, polling, and Q&A. Close knowledge gaps through courses, evaluations, certification assessments, coaching, and role-plays during events. Use the different assessment capabilities of Apogy to understand how well the message is getting through.

Exchange Ideas

Start a private chat for your learners to exchange ideas and learn together. With features such as robust messenger and group chats, 1-on-1 or many-to-many virtual meetings, face-to- face appointment scheduling at events, connecting with your customers and colleagues has never been easier. Users also have quick access to full company directory to call, email, or chat immediately. Regardless of your customer’s or team’s communication preference, Apogy gets your users connected so they can focus on the conversation rather than the technology.

Track Progress

Track progress all through one platform. Continuous adaptive assessments can be embedded within the activities, providing real-time feedback, measuring one’s current proficiencies and skill gaps so you will always know where you stand. Gauge comprehension using the built in evaluation tools. All activity within Apogy is tracked at a fine-grained level.

Share Expertise

Share expertise regardless of location. Comment on a great piece of content, join a support channel, follow that user, like their post, or add their post to your own private catalog. Apogy incorporates social features, from messaging, user generated content and group learning to peer mentoring, activity streams, group collaboration, and audio/visual participation.