Every event has a different app, and they all work differently. Lead scanning, agendas, content, and schedule are always an extraordinary amount of work, and it never seems to get easier. How do you empower your sales team without forcing them to constantly switch between apps? How do you put all the event information, from team profiles to key materials and available meeting rooms, at their fingertips? How do you manage the flow of the event and what sales teams see when they consult their phones? And most importantly, how do you make the event smarter, from polling, Q&A sessions, training, certifications, to team challenges and ultimately, successfully launching your team and your products?


Apogy enables Events without requiring more installation, training, and upgrades. The same app may be used again and again for each event, and even for your day-to-day as well. Apogy helps you launch effective company events, from internal meetings, to field marketing events, to global programs. Allow your sales reps and field personnel to know exactly what’s next in a single glance. Enable your sales team to efficiently plan the event, from scheduled appointments, to meetings, to booth time. Support certifications, training, questionnaires, and rich content for active learning during the event. Empower your employees and stakeholders to have a smarter, more engaging experience, maximizing the value and ROI. And best of all, use the same app over and over again for all your team’s events - the event no longer needs to stop when you leave the meeting.

Agenda & Schedule

Gain access to all meeting events tied directly into both personal and private calendars that stay up to date as scheduling updates occur. Changes are completely controlled through the web-based administrative portal.

Content Management

Eliminate the need for reams of paper and take advantage of the built-in content management features. This helps guarantee that content is always up to date. Digital media comes alive with the inclusion of multimedia elements such as video, audio and interactive exercises.

Q&A Sessions

Any presentation can be made more memorable with individual engagement. Apogy provides an app-enabled way to collect questions from the audience and choose which ones to answer. Answers may be tallied, skipped, recorded and responded to offline.

Networking and Recommendations

Extensive tracking, coupled with big data analytics and graph analysis, drive the recommendation engine, matching individuals and groups to lasting networks of professional peers.

Surveys and Feedback

A critical aspect of meeting planning is to know exactly what people want and need, and then to provide it for them. Through embedded surveys, meeting organizers can study current meetings and plan future ones accordingly.

Polling and Audience Response

Measure the pulse of the group. Integrated polling with real time results injects a dynamic element into any meeting. Apogy’s Audience Response System allows users to participate in polling, surveys, Q&A and multiuser, interactive exercises right from their mobile devices.

Messaging and Group Chat

Real time, geo-tagged, individual and group messaging provides an effective channel to supplement any meeting. All messages are archived and searchable so that key thoughts and insights are preserved for later reference.

Social Feeds

Apogy messaging, meetings and collaborative challenges are only part of the social equation. Full integration with traditional channels, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, is also available. Keeping in touch is simple when attendees can easily manage new connections, share contact information and stay connected long after the event.

Broadcast Notifications

Meeting organizers can target attendees or groups with personalized notifications highlighting important and time sensitive information through a familiar interface before, during and after the event.

Gamification and Leaderboardw

The key to a successful meeting is to engage the attendees with novel and memorable events that spark interaction between them. Group and individual competitive activities, like scavenger hunts and beacon-enabled content, can be embedded throughout the meeting, aided by their mobile devices. Virtual rewards and leaderboards help spur creativity.

Maps and Directions

View detailed maps for everything from the hotel and meeting rooms, to vendor booths and coffee stations. Enhanced maps include iBeacon driven real-time locations of all attendees. Augmented reality powers step-by-step directions.

Guides and Points of Interest

Complete guides to local entertainment, attractions, transportation, lodging and dining enhance your entire stay. Apogy is your companion for the entire event.