Our Main Features


Gain access to your entire schedule, conference tracks, and electives, and stay up to date as scheduling updates occur.

Badge/Lead Scanning

Scan leads at shows into your CRM, or scan badges at meet and greets for points on the leaderboard.

Training & Roleplay Certifications

Conduct your roleplay certifications, evaluations, coursework and assessments during your kickoff.

Polling & Q&A

Measure the pulse of the group. Battle-tested polling with real time results and moderation of your Q&A sessions.

Social Feed

Keeping in touch is simple when attendees can easily manage new connections, share contact info and stay connected long after the event.


Set up team challenges inside and outside of a conference for hundreds of activities. View leaderboards for your scavenger hunts, badge scanning, appointments, and more.

Manage with Ease

Eliminate linked spreadsheets and duplicate data entry. Manage all aspects of the meeting from planning to post meeting evaluation through a single convenient web based portal. Customize the app to reflect your brand, and change the interface to best reflect your needs.



Meeting organizers can target attendees or groups with personalized notifications highlighting important and time sensitive information.

Real-Time Chat

Stay connected to your team at all times in a secure text chat, sharing text, pictures, audio, and content with your teams and colleagues.


View detailed maps for everything. Enhanced maps include iBeacon driven real-time locations of all attendees.

Surveys & Questionnaires

Collect critical metrics on the effectiveness of your product launch, or assess retention at 30, 60, and 90 days.

Multiple Language Support

Fully localized to support global conferences for Americas, Europe, and Asia.


Set up challenges, scavenger hunts, and interactive displays based on location, and check-in to sessions or view content when you walk in.